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    About Us

    Jiyuan jinyuan chemical co., LTD., founded on November 23, 2012, is located in the chemical industry park of south huling industrial cluster zone, west first ring road, jiyuan city, henan province. The approved business scope is the production, sales and related technology development and transfer of pure benzene, toluene, xylene isomer mixture, heavy benzene, non-aromatic hydrocarbon and dimethyl residual oil. The company's 100,000 tons/year crude benzene hydrogenation project is designed by metallurgical coke resistance engineering technology co., LTD. Adopts advanced low temperature gas phase hydrogenation technology, USES the domestic recognized the best economy and comprehensive utilization of the required standard of assembly, and a center of advanced and reliable instrument and DCS control system, the centralized operation and control of the production process has high progress, good reliability and less maintenance workload, safe and reliable, etc. In terms of environmental protection, the company adopts measures such as waste gas recovery and utilization, waste residue centralized treatment and waste water recovery and utilization to realize zero waste water discharge, waste gas and noise standard discharge and comprehensive utilization of waste residue. The 100,000 ton/year crude benzene hydrogenation project of the company started construction in April 2011 and was put into trial operation at the end of February 2013. In May 2015, the company was acquired by henan jinma energy co., ltd. and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of henan jinma energy co., LTD. From 2014 to 2016, through technical transformation, the company increased the production capacity of crude benzene hydrogenation from 100,000 tons/year to 120,000 tons/year.

    Henan bohai chemical co., LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary of henan jinma energy co., LTD., is located in the south of west first ring road, jiyuan city. The company was established in January 2004, the first phase of the project in August 2005 to deal with 150,000 tons of coal tar put into production. After being put into production, the main products are light oil, dephenolated phenol oil, crude phenol, industrial naphthalene, washing oil, anthracene oil, asphalt blending oil, modified asphalt, medium temperature asphalt, etc. The company's geographical position is superior, located in the northwest of henan province, shanxi intersection, adequate supply of raw materials. The transportation is developed and convenient. Changji expressway and erguang expressway meet in jiyuan. The special railway line of the factory connects with jiaozhi railway. Company adopts domestic advanced technology and equipment, coal tar distillation using mature atmospheric distillation process at home and abroad, using super centrifuge technology to coal tar pretreatment for dehydrated crude tar slag, introduces two handling capacity of 15 m/h of Germany after the Holly three-phase lie screw type super centrifuge, the separation efficiency is as high as above 90%. Distillate washing adopts continuous washing process, which is mature and reliable. Industrial naphthalene distillation adopts double furnace and double tower continuous distillation process. The main equipment includes: primary tower, fine tower, primary distillation furnace and rectification furnace. This technology is the domestic mature technology. Advanced DCS computer program control system is adopted in the production process control, with high level of automation, which makes the process control more rapid, accurate and reliable, and effectively ensures the stability of production and product quality. At present, henan bohai chemical co., LTD., relying on the existing resources of jinma energy, makes full use of and gives full play to the advanced technology and scientific management experience of the group company, makes unremitting efforts to make it a first-class enterprise with first-class technology, first-class management and first-class performance.

    Henan jinrui energy co., LTD., is by henan golden horse energy co., LTD., sichuan air separation equipment (group) co., LTD., zhengzhou rich auspicious automobile sales and service co., LTD. Jointly formed a joint venture company, mainly engaged in liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas production and sales, with an annual output of 100 million cubic meters of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas 50 million cubic meters. The LNG project is divided into the main installation area in the south and the storage and transportation area in the north, among which the storage and transportation area mainly consists of LNG storage tank, LNG and CNG loading device, jinrui refueling and gas filling station, etc. Among them, the liquefied natural gas storage tank adopts the most advanced and safest full capacity tank, with a volume of 8000m3, and three layers of tank walls inside and outside. The temperature and pressure monitoring system inside can ensure the safety without leakage. The main unit area includes compression work area, deep purification, methanation, membrane separation work area and cryogenic liquefaction work area, as well as supporting public and auxiliary facilities such as water, electricity and gas. The storage, transportation and working area in the north region mainly includes LNG storage tanks, LNG and CNG loading devices and jinrui refueling and filling stations, etc., of which our LNG storage tanks adopt the most advanced and safe full-capacity tanks in China, with a capacity of 8000m3. Since its establishment, the company has achieved remarkable economic, social and environmental benefits.

    Henan jinrui gas co., LTD., founded on May 24, 2016, is located in the south of west first ring road, jiyuan city, henan province. Its main business scope is vehicle gas refueling service. Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the business policy of "safe production, customer service, harmony and win-win, scientific development" and the management goal of "people-oriented, scientific management, pragmatic and enterprising, pioneering and innovative", and carried forward the spirit of "yugong moving mountains, constantly striving for self-improvement". Starting from "safe production", we will establish and improve various rules and regulations, strengthen internal management, introduce professional and technical personnel for guidance, and seek steady development.

    Jiyuan jinning energy industry co., LTD., established in July 2007, is located in the south road of west first ring, jiyuan city, henan province. The company now has 100 thousand cubic meters of spiral wet gas storage tank 1; 1 pressurizing machine station and 1 office building; More than 30 km of 3 low-pressure external gas supply pipelines. The company has established long-term strategic partnership with henan jinma energy co., LTD., a gas source plant, which has laid a solid foundation for the development and expansion of the company. Companies rely on good faith enterprise credibility, high quality service, capable staff and excellent geographical location, mainly for the jiyuan, showing smelting Co., Ltd., jiyuan condar gold glass products Co., Ltd., jiyuan city jinxin industrial Co., Ltd., Zhongyuan Special Steel Co., Ltd., jiyuan yiu fai glass products Co., Ltd. 10 companies such as industrial gas supply, supply and marketing market stability. At the same time, it has played an active role in stabilizing citizens' use of gas. Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the business policy of "safe production, customer service, harmony and win-win, scientific development" and the management goal of "people-oriented, scientific management, pragmatic and enterprising, pioneering and innovative", and carried forward the spirit of "yugong moving mountains, constantly striving for self-improvement". Starting from "safe production", establish and perfect various rules and regulations, strengthen internal management, and introduce professional and technical personnel of gas as guidance. We will seek development while maintaining stability. It has been awarded the honorary titles of "advanced industrial enterprise", "advanced unit of safety production" and "advanced unit of fire control".

    Shanghai jinma energy co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai jinma) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of henan jinma energy co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as henan jinma, stock code 06885) listed on the main board of Hong Kong. Shanghai jinma as a professional coal industry chain supply chain management service providers. Will be at the start of the establishment of coal mine mechanical and electrical equipment, coal mining, coking, power, such as steel industry chain are associated enterprises of supply chain management services as the main direction, at the same time actively to investment, logistics information platform services, supply chain finance, new materials, new energy, nonferrous metal mineral resources such as emerging business direction to carry on the beneficial exploration. According to the market situation and customer demand, we adjust and optimize the business model in time to provide professional services for the upstream and downstream markets and create value for customers. At present, we have carried out in-depth business in the following sections and established a stable integrated supply chain management service platform. Mine electrical appliances and other auxiliary equipment for coal mine. The company actively innovates business cooperation mode while carrying out in-depth cooperation with upstream coal enterprises. Henan jinma in the upstream coal production enterprises for a long time to develop the brand advantage and reputation, according to jiyuan city is the domestic mine explosion-proof electrical appliances, high and low voltage electrical appliances north of the Yangtze river the largest industrial cluster of convenient conditions. Sell all kinds of mining equipment and explosion-proof electric equipment to the upstream coal production enterprises. We will seamlessly connect the coal procurement business with the sales business of electrical appliances and equipment, and provide services and create value at each node of the upstream and downstream business chain. At the same time to solve the above types of enterprises in the coal industry accounts receivable for a long time to occupy a large amount and speed up our company raw material coal procurement required by the working capital turnover. From 2015 to 2017, the cooperation with xuji electric and jiyuan mining electrical appliances group has achieved good results. With shaanxi yan 'an, shanxi linfen, jinzhong and other places of many coal mines signed a comprehensive supply chain management agreement. Ii. Coking coal business: the company reintegrates the coking market of henan jinma and yugang by virtue of the good reputation and dominant position of henan jinma in the coking field which has been formed for more than ten years. Cooperate with large coal production enterprises such as yan 'an energy group, jinneng group, pu county hongyuan coal industry group co., LTD and shanxi road xin energy group, and make full use of the sales policies of large quantity and preferential cash of the above enterprises. Finally, the advantages of centralized procurement were formed, and the overall bargaining power was improved, so as to get the maximum preferential treatment from upstream suppliers and realize the benefit of purchase. Iii. Thermal coal business: under the current favorable environment of stable domestic economic growth and strong demand in the coal market and downstream. The company insists on taking the customer as the center, taking the market demand as the motive force, establishes the coal railroad, the highway logistics warehousing distribution base in the shanxi changzhi area and the yu-jin junction jiyuan city. Give full play to the regional advantages and logistics advantages of the two places, actively involved in thermal coal business. At the same time the company to purchase a large number of high value-added coking coal as a negotiating weight to reduce the cost of upstream thermal coal procurement. Through this low cost and high efficiency combination mode of multi-variety resources to multi-customers, the customer loyalty is strengthened and the business scale is expanded. At present, it has established stable cooperative relations with many power plants of huaneng, datang, China power investment and henan investment group. Iv. Make reasonable use of the current market situation of relatively excess coal production capacity and long-term existence of buyer's market, and carry out three-party or multi-party trade between coal mining machinery, steel enterprises and coal mines. Associated enterprises in the business process, with the domestic coal industry top of zhengzhou coal mining Machinery Group Co., Ltd., China coal Beijing coal mining Machinery Co., Ltd., zhangjiakou coal mine Machinery Co., Ltd., Linzhou Heavy Machinery Group Co., ltd. and other units close cooperation, in its product line downstream in the coal mining enterprises to seek cooperation with my company close unit, the unit of coal enterprise balance device into Shanghai golden horse purchasing advance payment, the unit of coal products supplied to henan golden horse, the major port of coking, power plants and jiyuan iron and steel, such as citic Pacific downstream enterprise to use. The special steel products of the above steel enterprises can also be sold to the upstream coal machine manufacturers. In this way, value-added services of two or three nodes can be provided in the whole business process, and capital risk can be reasonably avoided to improve the utilization rate of capital. V. logistics information service platform and supply chain finance. In the process of enterprise operation, we take the optimized combination of logistics channels as the breakthrough to reduce costs, strengthen the construction of logistics distribution system, reduce the time and mileage of empty vehicles, and improve logistics efficiency. Inspired by this, Shanghai jinma will introduce the concepts of mobile Internet, Internet of things and big data to research, develop, acquire or cooperate with logistics APP software. At the same time, give full play to the advantages of Internet +, subvert the traditional trade and business model, and cooperate with domestic related logistics information application websites to gradually establish their own logistics distribution and bulk commodity transaction data management system platform. Shanghai jinma will also cooperate with domestic Banks and other financial institutions, introduce Banks to participate in the settlement at the above business nodes, use the leverage of financial instruments to enlarge the volume of business, and give full play to the role of supply chain finance. After ensuring the normal operation of the five major business sectors and the strong profitability and hematopoietic function of each sector, Shanghai jinma energy co., ltd. will continue to base itself in Shanghai and provide the parent company with more information resources and financial service support by relying on Shanghai's position as the core hub of finance and supply chain in the asia-pacific region. Continue to improve the integrated service of supply chain management; In order to build a complete coal supply chain ecosystem, realize the common development and win-win cooperation between the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain, and make some beneficial explorations and attempts for the future development and transformation.

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